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We quit using XP on one machine sometime after Win 10 appeared, mainly because it really didn’t work acceptably with current software and games. We upgraded to Win 7, then immediately to Win 10, couldn’t jump to 10 for some reason. Just call it Windows and make all updates free (normal product numbering–v.r.m.x. I mean, it’s only purpose is to sell applications and computers. Of course it will be for free, you’ll pay with your data here. I can understand that some people need to run Windows because their applications aren’t available on Linux, but one should at least try to mitigate the MS spying as much as possible. This time I don’t think it will be free upgrade…I installed Win 11 and couldn’t activate it …I went back to Win 10…oh well, I didn’t like it any way.

  • • Download updates for me, but let me choose when to install them.
  • In Command Prompt, type the “regsvr32 ExplorerFrame.dll” command and press Enter on your keyboard to execute it.
  • On the other hand, if the reinstallation does not help at all, you do have a chance to return to your previous Windows 10 to avoid the troublesome system settings and application installations.

Certain security updates from Microsoft have been known to cause issues with security software from other vendors that those vendors are responsible for resolving. Check their websites for updates or service packs and install any that are available. There are instructions for building in the docs/ folder. If you encounter problems with the build system please let us know, but please note the expectation is that you are able to dig into basic issues by yourself.

Registry cleaners are not supported by Microsoft, but vendors of registry cleaners claim that they are useful to repair inconsistencies arising from manual changes to applications, especially COM-based programs. Even some of the best registry cleaner programs have been known to delete important registry values when they have been incorrectly identified. Manually deleting registry keys normally only applies if you have installed a bad key manually. These custom keys and manually created keys will be missed by many of the cleaning utilities because they are not seen as invalid. Software uninstalls that haven’t been allowed to finish, or were not coded properly by the programmers, may also leave behind registry keys.

Just because a leaked private development build activated it doesn’t mean the final release will. Also I dont think this will be a free upgrade, many Windows 10 were, makes no sense business wise to do this with yet another OS. What a waste of resources, just keep improving windows 10 and be done with it. Put time and effort and resources behind the system already in place modernizing as needed. My experience is that the fake MS calls intensified after that useless call to MS support, but anonymous might be right too.

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Over time the registry becomes larger and larger as new programs are installed, used and removed. Even though data is deleted from it when applications are uninstalled, the size of the Registry will not decrease. This is because the data will be marked as blank but remains in place and also because of “left overs” – data that the uninstaller forgot to remove. In this way the registry becomes slower over time, taking longer to access.